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Ein zweiter Platz in Zittau

Wir gratulieren Ziphona zum verdienten 1. Platz, es war ein schöner und spannender Abend im Star Club.

Ein riesen Dank gilt all unseren Fans fürs mitfiebern. Hut ab vor allen Bands die am Freitagabend mitgespielt haben!

Eine Antwort auf Ein zweiter Platz in Zittau

  1. Name: Leonel

    There is the kind of silence that is cnoofrtimg. It wraps around you like a warm blanket at the end of a busy day. You slide into it almost unconsciously only noticing the change when you begin to hear your inner voice whispering. It is then that you realize the cacophony of phone calls, text messages, office conversations, and overhead announcements has subsided and receded into memory. When we are lucky, this kind of silence creates a pause between roles in our lives allowing the transition from work to home, exercise routine to rest or unconsciousness to consciousness.There is the kind of silence that is deafening. This is the barren quiet existing in the chasm between me and you. It is a black hole dragging words, feelings and intimacy into a condensed pinpoint of nothingness leaving only an empty vacuum behind. It this place, it is the absence that you notice, and fear. There is no easy breathe here. Instead there is the pounding of my pulse in my ears, the ache in my heart and the silent tears that fall from my eyes.There is the kind of silence that is spiritual. It is the destination of mindfulness and meditation. It comes from the inside out as we find haven through discovery of the interior of our souls. We seek out those special places that call forth our inner quiet; on a bluff overlooking the sea, within the embrace of a majestic redwood grove or perched on a rocky ledge at the edge of an endless mountain range. We find wormholes in our busy days that can take us back, for just a moment, to that place of spirit refreshing our weary hearts and minds. This kind of silence can grace us unexpectedly but more frequently comes into our lives through disciplined and dedicated exploration.

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